Are you a renter or owner?

“Therefore, my God, I give thanks and praise Your glorious name. All things come from You, and I can only give You what comes from Your hand” – 1 Chronicles 29:14 The world tells us to always own things, not rent. We all know, renting is not wise financially for the long-term. Some people can’t […]

Sitting, Resting, Eating

According to a study by Columbia University, there are significant benefits to sitting down to eat a meal as a family.   The study concludes that when we eat more meals sitting down together good things happen. …”everyone eats healthier meals, kids are less likely to be obese, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, try marijuana….their grades […]

Awakened Souls

At the entrance to Wal-Mart and other stores this time of year, you’ll hear the familiar Salvation Army bell ringing on behalf of the voiceless…for those in need.  Perhaps you’ll be inclined to give an extra gift or two….maybe even bake something for a neighbor or donate items to a charity. This heart of giving […]

The Gift of Life

If you haven’t seen it, the TV show Undercover Boss is a refreshing and entertaining perspective on how Bosses come to better appreciate the people and processes that make up their business.  In the show a CEO goes “undercover” (in disguise – see picture on left) usually taking on an entry-level job at their company in order […]

Instead I yearn for Your imbue

Pride was the great sin that started in motion a sad state for Adam and Eve and the entire human race.   Humility and dependance on God is the opposite of pride.   Pride says, “I can do it”….humility toward God says “You can do it”. It was Saint Augustine who said, “Do you wish to rise? Begin by […]

Life Coach

I was fortunate to hear former Denver Bronco, Atlanta Falcons and NY Giants NFL coach Dan Reeves speak to a group of Georgia county officials in Savannah recently.  Reeves grew up in Americus, Georgia and was born near there in Andersonville, the site of the historical Civil War prison camp.   The theme of the county leadership meeting was […]

Bill Stark’s Innerview

  How did you come to know God in a personal way? I grew up in the church and at a young age accepted Jesus as my savior. I probably heard the gospel message of Christ 1,000 times by the time I was 13 years old, so I was fortunate to know at an early […]

Being Under Authority

I once had a client over a long period of time and each time I visited the customer’s office I had to pass by the lobby guard. Because I parked in the front visitor’s parking lot the guard always saw me walking up. Even though I visited the office many times, he’d always ask me […]

The protector who watches over us…

A group of us from North Atlanta recently helped out at a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta. Upstairs in the church’s old gymnasium there were dozens of single mattresses stacked up for the 70 or so men to sleep on. As the men came in from the drizzly cold night they each took a mattress […]

It’s Hard to See our Faults

My windshield was pretty dirty yesterday, so I got out the Windex and paper towels and got busy. When I was finished, it looked 100% better. I cleaned the inside and outside and it looked great! I thought I had done a fine job cleaning my windshield. This morning I took my son to school. […]