Coach Ken’s Innerview

Coach Ken Woods tells about homelessness, divorce, being falsely accused of drug trafficking and sexual harassment. Growing up in Richmond, VA, Ken was 100% football, but fell into the wrong crowd and lost his dream through drugs. A life of pain ultimately turned to inner joy.

Karis’ Amazing Grace

I met Karis at Wright Square in Savannah on Sunday April 29, 2012. He’s a registered street performer in Savannah. He’s also poor and without most of the pleasures of life we take for granted. After talking to him, I found out he had just gotten out of the hospital after spending over 30 days […]


I met Enmer today while serving at Atlanta Dream Center in downtown Atlanta.  If you or your group are looking for a simple, effective way to help the less fortunate, Atlanta Dream Center is a great place.  Enmer’s bright smile and spanish accent was hard to miss.  We met on the front porch of the […]

The protector who watches over us…

A group of us from North Atlanta recently helped out at a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta. Upstairs in the church’s old gymnasium there were dozens of single mattresses stacked up for the 70 or so men to sleep on. As the men came in from the drizzly cold night they each took a mattress […]

Telling Great Stories

Wow! We had a really great day this past Saturday stories of six wonderful people for, the precursor to We filmed stories of worldly achievement gone awry, a father/son story, a powerful drug addict-come-to-life story, a story of homelessness, a powerful story of seeking the pleasures of the world for meaning and the […]