Organizations that do not promote, embrace and regularly share their value system and vision with employees and stakeholders productivity erode, employee satisfaction suffer and witness a bent toward mediocrity.

Without this emphasis on communicating purpose, vision and values:

            • Your employees tend to focus on the day-to-day grind and not on the customer
            • Your products and services get commoditized, minimized and undervalued
          • Your respect in the market is reduced and
          • You have a harder time competing with the forces of change.

For employees…when there is no identifiable and resonate vision and value system in the organization, everyone tends to makes up their own values and consistency and work harmony are negatively effected.  The Wall Street Journal article on “Why We Lie” is a good reminder of how weak or strong cultural influences affect our behavior as people.  Other negative repercussions of a lack of internal values are:

  • Being Reactionary: Without visible values in place, employees tend to react sporadically to issues rather than processing things through a lens of what’s important or what’s valued.
  • Low Ethics: Without a set of core values from which to operate, your team will not have the boundaries to function in a way that honors the business or the customer.
  • Low Morale: Without guiding principles in place, employee morale suffers, trust is stunted and expectations are not met.
  • Higher Stress Levels: Not knowing what’s expected or valued, leaves employees and others to guess, thus leading to stress.  People want to know what’s expected so they can contribute at their best.  Otherwise, they have to fend for themselves.

People tend to conform to the values that are emphasized in the work culture and people like knowing what their organization values and stands for….they gain a sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than themselves…that belonging keeps them engaged, positively effects productivity and reduces turnover.

When you are able to know your customer’s perspective and then develop and communicate a compelling value message to them you unlock supporters for life, engage new donors and, best of all, help advance your operation.