imagesWhen DeKalb County, Georgia wanted to implement a leadership training initiative and enhance workplace satisfaction, it turned to InnerComm.   We helped them develop, implement and communicate employee-focused learning and development programs to improve teamwork,  excellence and morale, so they can better serve their citizen customers.

If your county or city has new leadership, a new vision or direction or is making significant changes to policy, headcount, structure or compensation, InnerComm can help develop, implement and communicate the plans to help insure the employee participation and adoption.

We help counties and cities in the southeast:

  • Improve productivity and morale by implementing training programs centered on vision, mission, leadership, teamwork and values.
  • Implement online learning systems to reduce learning costs and expand availability.
  • Develop comprehensive, memorable learning and development programs for their employees.
  • Sustain the momentum and reinforce the core attributes of the learning programs through peer-to-peer learning, internal communications and social media.