Let Go and Let God: Part II

In my last blog, I suggested that to let go and let God did not mean we were to just stop doing any activity and wait for some mysterious force to solve all our problems.

Letting go and letting God is more about letting go of our will, expected outcomes, dreams, impulses, grand ideas, plans and even our very lives.   To the modern world the idea of relinquishing control of any part of our lives sounds foolish.

If you’re not sure what you need to “let go of’, I’ve assembled a list of questions below that may help.   As you read this list quietly and slowly, allow the Lord to speak to your heart for which of these questions He may want you to focus on and bring to Him for more dialogue.


  • Will you let go of your task list and let God direct your daily steps or help you prioritize your day?
  • Will you let go of your expected outcomes of relationships and let God be responsible for your outcomes?
  • Will you let go of your business strategy and let God direct your business success?
  • Will you let go of your dreams and let God be the dream giver that He is?
  • Will you let go of ownership of your very self and let God own your life and direct your steps?
  • Will you let go of your need for monetary comforts and let God’s faithfulness be your confidence?
  • Will you let go of your friendships and let God be the center and guide of your relationships?
  • Will you let go of your children’s future success and let God direct their days?
  • Will you let go of the weight of the burdens of your job and let God carry them for you?
  • Will you let go of your worries about tomorrow and let God take care of tomorrow and even today?
  • Will you let go of your anxiety about health matters, no matter how looming, and let God’s mercy envelop you and heal when and how He desires?
  • Will you let go of your animosity and anger and let God be the judge He is?
  • Will you even let go even of your goal to be a good person and let God direct your heart and good deeds instead?
  • Will you let go of your desire to earn God’s favor and let His grace freely cover you?
  • Will you let go of your need to constantly be busy doing activities and let God direct your doing instead and bring the peace He promised?
  • Will you let go of your need to be important or noticed, especially on social media, and let God remind you of your importance to Him in private?


Which one of these questions pierces into your heart?

Which one does God want for you more than others?

Stop for a moment and just allow God to speak to you on the question.



Lord, I have bought into the world’s fantasy of control and management of myself and others, to achieve the goals I want.   I have allowed my mind, my will and my emotions to rule, while quenching Your Spirit.  I am sorry for that Lord.  I confess.  Please renew in me a right spirit, oh Lord.  Transform my knowing of You, transform my perspective of control, self-importance and pride.  You are above all and In all and I am under Your authority.  In Jesus name, Amen



Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; Fear the LORD and turn away from evil. Psalm 3:5-7  (NAS)

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