We help entrepreneurs and leaders improve business results and their business culture by helping them develop and implement a clear vision, mission and value foundation to guide their business and relationships they serve.

We help them position purpose and giving as guiding philosophies of the organization….to help the business flourish and have a greater impact on people’s lives.  Seeing work as a place for more than a paycheck – to see work as having meaning and purpose separates high-performing firms from others.

50 percent gain in performanceAccording to a study by Booz Allen Hamilton / Apsen Institute, companies that emphasize values, such as commitment to employees, giving and adaptability, report superior financial results 50% more often than their lower-performing peers.

We believe that when clear motives and purpose are joined with our business skills and strategic goals, the work culture changes, people come alive and profit goals are more often met.

InnerComm helps business leaders and entrepreneurs:

  • Develop and communicate a clear vision, mission and set of values; we also specialize in score-carding training to help measure and sustain strategic objectives.
  • Implement caring and corporate citizenship programs to engage employees and serve others.
  • Connect to their heart, so that they respond to life and business issues from a balanced perspective.
  • Engage in reflection, solitude and prayer for direction and guidance.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about leading, responding and managing successfully from your heart.