CommunicateSharing your organization’s vision, initiative or message in vivid, interpersonal ways helps stakeholders feel a part of the process, valued and  helps them better understand the heart of what is at stake.

Sharing your vision and message has to be done with straight-forward, authentic communications.  InnerComm helps you cast your vision and initiative so that it is well received and adopted by your stakeholders.

Our approach to this kind of communication includes:

  • Repetition: Important news needs to be told over and over in different ways, so that people have an opportunity to absorb the change.  The message needs to be repeated so that it is credible and the meaning is understood by all.
  • Variety: A picture is worth a thousand words….and often-times visuals, diagrams, video and audio better communicate big ideas.  Statistics show that ideas conveyed visually (called the picture superiority effect) are more memorable versus ideas conveyed verbally.  We help you develop a plan to communicate your ideas in a variety of ways. youtube-facebook
  • Interactive: Younger audiences expect for change to be shared using media they understand and can interact with.  We offer Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, email, YouTube, blogging and other online platforms to help best communicate change, learning or updates.
  • The Why: People need to understand why the organization is doing what it’s doing, so they can connect to the higher value of the initiative.  This allows them to see how they can “add-to” the initiative and typically leads to more discretionary effort on their part.
  • Brevity: Fewer words are better than many.  People are busier than ever….because our minds take in so much data each day, fewer works make higher impact. Enough said.
  • Simplification:  Complex ideas can be a challenge to communicate with clarity and simplicity.  We help you use creative approaches to narrowing-down complicated ideas so your message is better understood.

Let us know if your organization needs assistance in making your initiative, message or story more widely adopted and more easily understood.