Differentiated, value-oriented customer and donor messaging is key to sales success.  Once you have developed a deep understanding of the customer’s environment, goals and challenges, our team helps you develop a message of value that will address their needs and separate you from the competition, from the herd.

Our team helps you develop cohesive, impactful messages that emphasize differentiation and unique value.  In order to not be ‘commoditized’ in today’s economy, you simply must focus on your differentiation and how that unique value can help your client achieve their goals….otherwise, you become like every other vendor with a great idea.

Part of the message of value is already inside of you….it just needs to be unearthed, dusted off, perhaps shaped a bit and then polished.  In other cases, more time and effort may need to be expended to highlight what’s vital to your donors and customers.

We are passionate about helping organizations see the unique value they bring to the table and then helping them craft key messages and selling themes that will resonate with their prospects.  This message development is at the heart of what we do.

Articulating your message of value is based on:

  • The facts you know about the market.
  • Your passion for the market and for what you do.
  • Sharing your unique experience in this area through the eyes of customer references.
  • Sharing your solution in a way that emphasizes how you are helping them address their needs.