In order for customers or donors to respond to your solutions and message, simply put….you must know your customer…and you must know them well.  What drives their behavior, what motivates them, what their goals and dreams are, etc.   At a minimum, you need to know:

  • What drives the environment in which they operate; what factors are influencing their actions.
  • What objectives and goals they’ve set for their group.
  • What their key challenges or limitations are that keep them from reaching their goals.

By knowing these basics and adding credible, relevent references, you will be able to then specifically show how your solution and ideas can help them  overcome their challenges and reach their goals.

The sales method we embrace for engaging donors and customers in this way is a proven global sales approach developed and marketed by PMI, Performance Measures International.

Creating a strong value-based message in a vacuum, without knowing your customer’s perspective is like trying to buy a Chick-fil-A meal on Sunday…good idea, bad execution.

InnerComm offers customer and donor sales education solutions that help you better understand your customer and do a more effective job of uniquely meeting their toughest challenges.