If you are a start-up in need of establishing the basics of a sales and marketing strategy…or if you’re a larger firm that needs to re-tool your marketing and sales with a fresh approach, we can help in a number of areas:

  • Improve sales close rates through sales coaching.
  • sales process design consulting to help shorten the sales cycle and better match the sales approach to the customer’s buying style and process.
  • improved messaging via website and internal communications development.
  • lead generation and lead nurturing services to grow top of funnel.
  • developing relevant collateral that resonates with your prospects.
  • Developing ways to nurture prospects until they are ready to buy.
  • development of engaging proposals that express your unique value.
  • Public relations coordination to expand awareness of your firm.
  • sales channel development consulting to broaden the market for your solution.

Our broad range of experience with start-ups, mid-size firms and Fortune firms allows us to bring a wide range of proven ideas and experience to your sales challenges and goals.