InnerComm helps organizations grow their top-of-funnel prospects so they can close more sales.  Our marketing solution resolves a key sales challenge for many companies.


THE GOAL  When buyers are ready to buy, they will call you first if they perceive you as a thought leader….and if they know you.  To be the one they call, you need a way to maintain and build your relationship with prospects so they value your expertise and trust you.

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THE PROBLEM The problem is that communicating effectively to a large number of prospects on a consistent basis is challenging, especially if your sales and marketing teams are stretched thin or lack expertise.

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THE SOLUTION  InnerComm’s email marketing service allows you to consistently offer meaningful content to a large number of prospects and track their interest in your solution – in order to grow top-of-sales funnel interest.

Our writing, content development and email marketing skills result in much higher readership of corporate messaging when compared to industry standards.