Mary anointing Jesus' feet with expensive oil, humble heart, surrendered heart,

Come to Jesus with a Humble Surrendered Heart

When challenges come our way, the world tells us to “be strong”, “power through it”, “only the strong survive” and “just put your mind to it”.  Sometimes we may need to hear those messages, but seldom are we advised to have a humble surrendered heart toward God. Some years ago, I tried to power through and quit […]

The Wonder of a Heart Like God’s

There are some things about this vast universe that simply boggle our minds. It’s estimated that we can only see 2% of the actual spectrum of light….only 2%. There are roughly 7 other dimensions of time and space we can’t comprehend. 90% of the cells in our brain (glial) have no known function. These are […]

Come to Save – A Christmas Message

Knowing that Christmas is about our Savior coming to earth to seek and to save the lost, this video celebrates the reason for Christmas. The heavenly sounds of the USSR Cultural Chamber Choir make the message of Christmas glorious and grand, as it should be.

Thinking of God (and Gravity)

You probably don’t think much about gravity, but it’s around us all day long.   Drop your laptop on your foot and you’ll quickly experience the reality of its unseen power. There’s another unseen power that’s also around us all the time  – namely, God.  Thinking of God and realizing His presence during the busyness of our […]

When you long for someone.

When you first started dating or when you were first married, you probably remember longing, in near agony, to be with that significant person in your life.  If you have children away at college, you’ve likely longed, or perhaps begged, for them to come home for a relaxing weekend.   And if you have a […]

God is with us always.

In the winter when all the leaves are off the trees and the limbs are bare, I can see far down the long straight street behind our home.   But in the spring, my visibility is limited because of all the new limbs, vines and leaves. For me, it seems, the cold harshness of winter […]