Lamenting The Days

Sometimes it seems our world is only filled with wars, civil unrest, beheadings, evil rampages and moral decline.  It must pain God to see how we treat each other….in both unspoken ways (like prejudice) and in more outward ways like murder and the bombing of innocents. Isaiah 60:2 (ESV) says: For behold, darkness shall cover the […]

Path to the Heart

I may be oversimplifying things, but it seems to me that there are three important layers to how we process this life around us: Stimulus: The world around us. (top layer) Our Mind: This is where we perceive, reason and react to the world around us. (middle layer) Our Heart: This is where our core motivations […]

Peace & Happiness

Have you ever noticed that your personal happiness in your life & accomplishments here on earth is short lived?  The “life” that our accomplishments give us – the joy they give us seems to wane rapidly. As a salesperson, the largest Purchase Order I ever landed was from Target, the retailer.  I worked on it for weeks and weeks. […]

Hope – responding to trials & suffering

As we look at the current state of our world…where war, terrorism, conflicting political philosophies, seismic cultural shifts and violent crime seem nearly overwhelming….what are we to do? Do we devise a plan to respond, do we hunker down, do we fret and climb back in bed, fight back with resolve, do we escape to safety, do we […]

Sailing with Dad: Giving God Control

For most of my growing up years my dad had a sailboat. I loved to sail with him and we’d often sail two or three times a week.  I loved being his “ship-mate”.  It gave me a sense of importance and purpose….and I always felt like I was on some sort of adventure when we sailed. […]

The White-Knuckle Life

Sometimes I lose my mind and begin to think that my main job in life is to manage the affairs around me in such a way that my family and I encounter the fewest problems.  I am sorry to admit that attempting to control events, plans and outcomes was an overarching goal of mine for […]

God’s Canopy & Light

While on business in Brunswick, Georgia, I decided to stay at a beach hotel about 10 miles away on Jeckyl Island.  The hotel was about 100 yards from the beach, but in my 3rd story room with the door open I could hear the surf pounding against the sand.  Linking the hotel and the beach was […]