Watching Over The One You Love

From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth— he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do. Psalm 33:13-15 (emphasis added) A few months ago one of our daughters asked her sister for some help with her new health insurance.  Her sister, who works in […]

Idols, Faith and Life Balance

Whether it’s sports, fashion, cooking, family, work or cars we all have our priorities. As men, many of us obsess over sports.  We listen to sports radio, we talk about injured players, we even cheer “fantasy” teams.  For other men, it’s a near obsession over work…to win and be #1. For women it might be Cosmo, […]

Thinking of God (and Gravity)

You probably don’t think much about gravity, but it’s around us all day long.   Drop your laptop on your foot and you’ll quickly experience the reality of its unseen power. There’s another unseen power that’s also around us all the time  – namely, God.  Thinking of God and realizing His presence during the busyness of our […]

A Covering of Grace

We get snow infrequently here in Atlanta, so, when it does snow, even now at 52 years old, I turn into a kid. I love watching kids build snowmen, I love to sit indoors watching it fall, I enjoy standing outside as the flakes land on my bald head…heck, I still eat it (as long as it’s […]

The White-Knuckle Life

Sometimes I lose my mind and begin to think that my main job in life is to manage the affairs around me in such a way that my family and I encounter the fewest problems.  I am sorry to admit that attempting to control events, plans and outcomes was an overarching goal of mine for […]

Remaining on Vacation

One thing is consistent about vacations….you don’t want to leave. You long to remain there for one more swim in the pool or one more hour at the beach. We all want to linger, tarry, continue and remain on vacation. This word remain is the same word used in scripture when Jesus reminds us of […]