3-Point Feedback Process to Help Improve Local Government Execution

While at a local government recently I asked a senior member of the team if he had gotten any professional feedback from his manager lately.  The person said they wanted feedback from management but hadn’t gotten any in a very long time.  I was surprised to learn this and, curious, asked what kind of feedback […]

5 Principles to Break the Cycle of the Urgent in Local Government

Breaking the cycle of the daily “urgent” in local government is hard to do.  We know there are longer-term important things to work on, but the urgencies of daily local government stare us in the face. I know of a City that has a chronic customer satisfaction issue in a particular department.  The solution requires […]

Investing in Your Local Government Team

Local government leaders we meet with tend to focus intentionally on a few key priorities.  They: Consistently reinforce the organization’s purpose and major goals Measure and track performance and Invest in each team member so they are positioned for success This blog is about 4 ideas you can implement to invest in your team. The most effective […]

Every City and County Needs “WIGS”

You may be wondering what WIGS and local government have in common.  The WIG I’m talking about is a “wildly important goal”. WIGs are extremely important goals that can change the landscape of an organization.  A WIG is such an overpowering goal, that if you accomplish it, you will likely (as a side benefit) make […]

7 Steps to Delegate for Success

One of the things we observe a lot of in serving local government leaders is a lack of time to focus on strategic goals.   Everyone’s plate is full.  As leaders of key departments in cities and counties it’s imperative that you find ways to delegate projects and routine items to others on your team. […]

Measuring Local Government Current and Future Progress

Georgia cities and counties that regularly measure both current performance and progress toward future goals are ahead of their peers.   Having access to metrics, seeing changes in performance over time and then tracking future-facing initiatives is vital to providing quality service delivery. Tracking Current Activity Progress Over Time Your city or county likely tracks […]

Goal Specifics Lead to Commitment

Committing to and achieving something becomes more of a reality when we state exactly what we want.  If I tell you I’m going to publish an RFP for a new software for the City or County, that’s not a very compelling goal. But if I tell you I’m going to draft, approve and advertise the RFP by February 10th, […]

Four Roadblocks to Achieving Your Goals

Goals are great at helping teams achieve more.  As a leader, you know that every level of your city or county organization should have clear goals.  But goals can be ineffective if they have these 4 elements: Goals without Accountability Goals should be regularly reviewed by a fellow team member or manager.  This tells the […]

Big Projects that Wait

Sometimes big projects that are new to us or are filled with lots of stages of deployment can seem overwhelming.  We want to get moving but the day-to-day fires eat up our thinking, our energy and our focus. Sometimes what we need is a set of fresh eyes to ask questions, probe for hurdles, discuss […]