Let Go and Let God: Part II

In my last blog, I suggested that to let go and let God did not mean we were to just stop doing any activity and wait for some mysterious force to solve all our problems. Letting go and letting God is more about letting go of our will, expected outcomes, dreams, impulses, grand ideas, plans and […]

Directions for a Healthy Heart

I have a confession to make.  I’ve always been the kind of person that acts first and reads directions later.  I like to think I’m doing better in this area as I get older but, if I’m honest, I still prefer speed and action over slower, thoughtful effort. As  you may know, sometimes doing things this […]

Too Busy for Lemonade

It’s refreshing to live in a neighborhood with small children.  Invariably, sometime around June lemonade stands emerge to serve thirsty adults and children on hot days.   If you’re like me however, as a busy adult, I have no time for kids’ lemonade. As I drive by, I usually mumble, “I’m too busy for that”. And […]

Stop and Enjoy Life

As “responsible” leaders and managers, we often place an excessive burden on ourselves to achieve and show a return on investment to those we serve.  For nearly all of us, there seems to be no shortage of effort, desire to prove our value or hit the mark. This comes natural to most.  After all, God did “put him […]

Living in the Now

As humans we tend to spend a lot of time living in the past or future….it seems there is no time for living in the now. We want to argue over or change the past and we want to ‘figure out’ the future.  So we often don’t live fully in the present, in the moment.  Worry […]

Thinking of God (and Gravity)

You probably don’t think much about gravity, but it’s around us all day long.   Drop your laptop on your foot and you’ll quickly experience the reality of its unseen power. There’s another unseen power that’s also around us all the time  – namely, God.  Thinking of God and realizing His presence during the busyness of our […]

Slowing down the pace of life

While on vacation recently, I decided to go to the pool behind the cluster of villas where we were staying. The tranquil pool was surrounded by beautiful trees draped with spanish moss. The path to the pool was a set of square concrete steps sitting atop the ground.  The square steps were only about 3-4 inches apart and since my […]