God With Us & Before Us

I was sitting in a doctor’s examining room recently waiting for a procedure to begin.  Cuts on my nose and scalp due to skin cancer.  I must admit I was a little nervous sitting there on that sterile plastic table.  Like many of you, I don’t like being cut on and waiting, for what seemed […]

Lost in time.

Have you ever wondered how we will possibly be able to enjoy heaven forever?  Forever seems like a really, really long time…I used to think of it as a (forgive me God) likely really boring long time. But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong.  God invented the idea of time, so we know He […]

Before Your Holy Throne I Bow

As is quite evident, we live in a world that attempts to lure us to take shortcuts and to accept the lies we so often hear and see.  Because we live in a broken world there is no lasting hope found here – everything is temporary, even our greatest acts of goodness…..they cannot save us. […]

You are loved the most.

A friend of mine, said a sort of shocking thing recently. He said he told his oldest daughter that she was his favorite child; that he loved her the most. “Gee that seems a little unfair to your other two children”, I replied.   He then told me that he also loved his middle son the […]

Has your soul been hacked?

Having your website or computer hacked is like a thief breaking into your home – while you’re there – and then spray painting your nice furniture….like an alien purposefully coming against you to do great harm. We hate being hacked and we usually take corrective action quickly because our computer files or website content are […]

Remaining on Vacation

One thing is consistent about vacations….you don’t want to leave. You long to remain there for one more swim in the pool or one more hour at the beach. We all want to linger, tarry, continue and remain on vacation. This word remain is the same word used in scripture when Jesus reminds us of […]

The Source

As a young boy, Frank loved milk.  For breakfast he had milk and cereal.  At lunch he always drank milk with his sandwich and his mom made him hot chocolate milk after school.   And, yes, like all kids, he loved to dip Oreos in his milk.   Frank loved it when his mom went […]

Scratched up, restored, redeemed

When I was a little boy back in the 1960s and early 1970s I loved picking up old Coke, RC and Pepsi bottles and turning them in to the Safeway grocery store for money.  The return deposit fee on one bottle brought me 5 cents.  Ten bottles brought $.50; good money for an 8 year […]

God’s Canopy & Light

While on business in Brunswick, Georgia, I decided to stay at a beach hotel about 10 miles away on Jeckyl Island.  The hotel was about 100 yards from the beach, but in my 3rd story room with the door open I could hear the surf pounding against the sand.  Linking the hotel and the beach was […]

When trouble comes

From 1991 – 1993 scientists embarked on a bold mission to replicate the world’s biological systems in an enclosed facility called Biosphere II.  The Arizona-based experiment included a crew that lived in the “closed world” for two years.  The crew grew their own food, did experiments, learned how to function together (that part of the […]