Reflecting the Glory of the Son

A beautiful and brilliant “harvest” moon made its mark on North America on September 16, 2016.  Its light was a near pure white.  In Georgia, with no clouds in sight, the moonlight cast defined shadows onto normally darkened ground. When we experience the moon’s light, we’re actually experiencing the light of the sun….and the moon does its […]

The Wonder of a Heart Like God’s

There are some things about this vast universe that simply boggle our minds. It’s estimated that we can only see 2% of the actual spectrum of light….only 2%. There are roughly 7 other dimensions of time and space we can’t comprehend. 90% of the cells in our brain (glial) have no known function. These are […]

The Whisper of a Prideful Heart – Part 2

Of all the concepts in the Bible related to the heart, a prideful and conceited heart tops the list – by far.  Of all the verses in the Bible related to the heart, there are more verses on pride than any other topic. Satan helped bring about sin and pride in Adam and Eve with a simple question […]

Journey into the Heart – Part I

From the verse Proverbs 4:23 it’s easy to grasp that the heart is preeminently important. “Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow all the issues of life“ The heart is a hard thing to put into words and is surely mysterious.  While the heart muscle in our chest cavity is easy to describe, the other […]

Too Busy for Lemonade

It’s refreshing to live in a neighborhood with small children.  Invariably, sometime around June lemonade stands emerge to serve thirsty adults and children on hot days.   If you’re like me however, as a busy adult, I have no time for kids’ lemonade. As I drive by, I usually mumble, “I’m too busy for that”. And […]

Why things die

May the soil of our hearts be soft so that his “seed” of love and truth can sink in deep, take root and flourish.

God With Us & Before Us

I was sitting in a doctor’s examining room recently waiting for a procedure to begin.  Cuts on my nose and scalp due to skin cancer.  I must admit I was a little nervous sitting there on that sterile plastic table.  Like many of you, I don’t like being cut on and waiting, for what seemed […]

Lost in time.

Have you ever wondered how we will possibly be able to enjoy heaven forever?  Forever seems like a really, really long time…I used to think of it as a (forgive me God) likely really boring long time. But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong.  God invented the idea of time, so we know He […]

Before Your Holy Throne I Bow

As is quite evident, we live in a world that attempts to lure us to take shortcuts and to accept the lies we so often hear and see.  Because we live in a broken world there is no lasting hope found here – everything is temporary, even our greatest acts of goodness…..they cannot save us. […]

You are loved the most.

A friend of mine, said a sort of shocking thing recently. He said he told his oldest daughter that she was his favorite child; that he loved her the most. “Gee that seems a little unfair to your other two children”, I replied.   He then told me that he also loved his middle son the […]