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A Heart that Reflects the King

Nature sometimes shouts about God.   While enjoying this lake at a retreat recently, I noticed something quite simple and wonderful. When the water was calm, the surface nearly perfectly reflected the beauty of the shoreline.  If the  shoreline represents God, we want to reflect Him, just as this water reflects the trees.  When our […]

Measuring Local Government Current and Future Progress

Georgia cities and counties that regularly measure both current performance and progress toward future goals are ahead of their peers.   Having access to metrics, seeing changes in performance over time and then tracking future-facing initiatives is vital to providing quality service delivery. Tracking Current Activity Progress Over Time Your city or county likely tracks […]

Let go and let God. What does that mean?

There’s always that one person that says “let go and let God” right when you are in the middle of a hyper-stressful situation of your life….when you’re trying to do whatever you can to resolve something that seems on the edge of disaster. But, “let go and let God” sounds a bit too passive for […]

Goal Specifics Lead to Commitment

Committing to and achieving something becomes more of a reality when we state exactly what we want.  If I tell you I’m going to publish an RFP for a new software for the City or County, that’s not a very compelling goal. But if I tell you I’m going to draft, approve and advertise the RFP by February 10th, […]

Lamenting The Days

Sometimes it seems our world is only filled with wars, civil unrest, beheadings, evil rampages and moral decline.  It must pain God to see how we treat each other….in both unspoken ways (like prejudice) and in more outward ways like murder and the bombing of innocents. Isaiah 60:2 (ESV) says: For behold, darkness shall cover the […]