Four Roadblocks to Achieving Your Goals

Goals are great at helping teams achieve more.  As a leader, you know that every level of your city or county organization should have clear goals.  But goals can be ineffective if they have these 4 elements:

Goals without Accountability

Goals should be regularly reviewed by a fellow team member or manager.  This tells the owner of the goal that it’s important.  It opens the goal and progress up to input and feedback.  Accountability thrives when there is regular attention and focus on a goal.

Goals without Detail

Goals are great, but when there is no accompanying detail or milestone plan, goals can morph into something ambiguous, heavy and unattainable.  Most people need a set of key results or milestones to follow to reach their goal.  Don’t set a big goal without a detailed discussion around key results or milestones.

Non-Specific Goals

One of the biggest natural mistakes we’ve seen is that the goal itself is often too general.  Goals need to be in the language of “have completed”.  For example – “Provide a Council-approved SCADA RFP to Finance by June 1”.  What we see more often is “Develop SCADA RFP for Finance.”

Secret Goals

Part of leadership and team development is communicating what’s happening and how progress is being made.  When goals are not communicated to the team they lose some of their power.   Communicating goals (and getting input and buy-in early on the goal) does a lot for morale as it highlights progress and focuses on achievement.

If you have needs around goals or goal setting in your organization, give us a call.  We help teams set and clarify goals, set key results/milestones, connect goals to city or county strategy, communicate goals and track goal progress.   Email us at or call 678-833-4310.

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