5 Principles to Break the Cycle of the Urgent in Local Government

Breaking the cycle of the daily “urgent” in local government is hard to do.  We know there are longer-term important things to work on, but the urgencies of daily local government stare us in the face. I know of a City that has a chronic customer satisfaction issue in a particular department.  The solution requires […]

No Force Too Strong

I hope this poem is some comfort to those in the midst of difficult circumstances or pain.  Whether it’s those mourning the school shooting in south Florida earlier in February or others struggling with health or other issues. m While rescue may not come when or how we want, God’s promise to stay by our […]

An Unassuming Key to Favor with God

I want God’s favor on my life as I know you do.   However, my go-to response to gain God’s favor was to do all the things Christians are supposed to do.   Have a quiet time, study my Bible, pray, help little old ladies across the street.   These are wonderful ways to love […]