Stop and Enjoy Life

As “responsible” leaders and managers, we often place an excessive burden on ourselves to achieve and show a return on investment to those we serve.  For nearly all of us, there seems to be no shortage of effort, desire to prove our value or hit the mark. This comes natural to most.  After all, God did “put him […]

Antidotes for the Monday Blues – Final Part

This is the final part in a 3 part series on Antidotes for the Monday Blues. The main idea has been that we are spiritual beings who live in a flesh-and-blood world and as such our relationship with God and life as Jesus followers are to permeate our work.  I’m not saying we should shout Bible verses in […]

Antidotes for the Monday Blues – Part 2

This is Part 2 of a blog series related to how to overcome the Monday blues…to see our work from a new perspective.   God is omni-present – that means He can be found wherever you go….office, car, errands, meetings or lunch.  God is personally inviting each of us to abide intimately with Him all the time, not […]