Idols, Faith and Life Balance

Whether it’s sports, fashion, cooking, family, work or cars we all have our priorities. As men, many of us obsess over sports.  We listen to sports radio, we talk about injured players, we even cheer “fantasy” teams.  For other men, it’s a near obsession over work…to win and be #1. For women it might be Cosmo, […]

Come to Save – A Christmas Message

Knowing that Christmas is about our Savior coming to earth to seek and to save the lost, this video celebrates the reason for Christmas. The heavenly sounds of the USSR Cultural Chamber Choir make the message of Christmas glorious and grand, as it should be.

Why things die

May the soil of our hearts be soft so that his “seed” of love and truth can sink in deep, take root and flourish.

Giving and Receiving God’s Love

The music, prayer, scripture and imagery of this video is designed to bring us to a place of worship, peace, grace and exaltation of God.  It is best viewed from a quiet place when you can completely relax for 5 minutes and simply rest with God….giving Him the love He is due and receiving His […]