The Blanket of Noise

Not long ago I was fortunate to participate in a weekend retreat at a Jesuit monastery that focused on prayer and silence.  The prayer, the silence, the surrounding natural habitat, the prayerful monks and the beautiful architecture met a need in me that I hardly knew I had.  It was as though the emptiness of […]

243 Steps to a Successful Life

It seems like more and more book titles these days offer 7 Steps to Success, 5 Secrets to Healthy Relationships or 10 Steps to Whatever.  We humans thrive on certainty.  We crave a numbered plan that doesn’t change and that, if followed, is sure to work.  We also want control and if we can create a more […]

Remaining on Vacation

One thing is consistent about vacations….you don’t want to leave. You long to remain there for one more swim in the pool or one more hour at the beach. We all want to linger, tarry, continue and remain on vacation. This word remain is the same word used in scripture when Jesus reminds us of […]