Being Under Authority

I once had a client over a long period of time and each time I visited the customer’s office I had to pass by the lobby guard. Because I parked in the front visitor’s parking lot the guard always saw me walking up. Even though I visited the office many times, he’d always ask me […]

Personal Security Threat Levels

One of my customers sells an email filtering service. An email filter’s purpose is to keep email threats on the Internet from harming your computer….things like viruses, fraudulent emails posing as your bank and time-wasting spam ads. Some of the malicious emails bound for your computer can cause great harm (like viruses) while others are […]

Fear Part II – And God?

Because we live in a broken world, there’s no lack of fear to go around: Fear of getting laid off Fear of the burden of debt Fear of sickness Fear of crime Fear of losing a spouse Fear of failing a class or disappointing someone Fear of losing your home Fear of changes in your […]