Our Impenetrable High Tower

HIGH GROUND  For thousands of years armies have used high ground to their advantage in battle….to both defend and conquer territory. In The Art of War Sun Tzus recommends that military leaders take high ground and let the enemy try to attack from a lower position. High ground offers a wide field of view, enabling surveillance of the surrounding […]

23rd Psalm – The Shepherd’s Hand

The 23rd Psalm is possibly the best-known chapter of the Bible. It’s only 6 verses and 109 words yet for thousands of years it’s provided penetrating comfort to hurting and worried people around the world. In just the first five words, “the Lord is my Shepherd”, there is a profusion of strength and hope. The […]

Peace & Happiness

Have you ever noticed that your personal happiness in your life & accomplishments here on earth is short lived?  The “life” that our accomplishments give us – the joy they give us seems to wane rapidly. As a salesperson, the largest Purchase Order I ever landed was from Target, the retailer.  I worked on it for weeks and weeks. […]

Antidotes for the Monday Blues – Final Part

This is the final part in a 3 part series on Antidotes for the Monday Blues. The main idea has been that we are spiritual beings who live in a flesh-and-blood world and as such our relationship with God and life as Jesus followers are to permeate our work.  I’m not saying we should shout Bible verses in […]

Antidotes to the Monday Blues – Part 1

I’m going to guess that the Monday blues have been around forever. I wonder if people in the 8th century rose from their straw mats on Mondays and dreaded the work ahead of them. Planting, hunting for food, getting firewood and fighting off wild beasts. As a modern society, however, we seem even more cynical and disinterested in work. […]

Living in the Now

As humans we tend to spend a lot of time living in the past or future….it seems there is no time for living in the now. We want to argue over or change the past and we want to ‘figure out’ the future.  So we often don’t live fully in the present, in the moment.  Worry […]

Slowing down the pace of life

While on vacation recently, I decided to go to the pool behind the cluster of villas where we were staying. The tranquil pool was surrounded by beautiful trees draped with spanish moss. The path to the pool was a set of square concrete steps sitting atop the ground.  The square steps were only about 3-4 inches apart and since my […]

Hope – responding to trials & suffering

As we look at the current state of our world…where war, terrorism, conflicting political philosophies, seismic cultural shifts and violent crime seem nearly overwhelming….what are we to do? Do we devise a plan to respond, do we hunker down, do we fret and climb back in bed, fight back with resolve, do we escape to safety, do we […]

A Covering of Grace

We get snow infrequently here in Atlanta, so, when it does snow, even now at 52 years old, I turn into a kid. I love watching kids build snowmen, I love to sit indoors watching it fall, I enjoy standing outside as the flakes land on my bald head…heck, I still eat it (as long as it’s […]

Deliver us from evil.

As you likely know, the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 includes a famous line “and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” I was recently drawn to find out more about the word deliver and, after a bit of research, I stumbled onto what, for me, has become a more meaningful view of this […]